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A Christian rock band? A mirage maker? No.

A bilingual creative devoted to healthcare,

who gives body and spirit to all your campaigns.
 Princeps, generics, biosimilars, medical devices, OTC...

Corporate, internal, medical comms... Print, digital, video...

You name it.
Because creating for healthcare industries is a special skill. 

Extensive experience for major big pharma companies, for various therapy areas, within the biggest advertising groups (WPP and Omnicom) is what you need to boost the creativity of your communications. From scientific content to regulations, creating for healthcare industries requires a certain kind of knowledge.

We are meant for each other.
The results you get rely on 3 pillars.


The Health DNA

 Science. Guidelines. Regulations. Compliance. 
These determine the success of any creative asset designed for healthcare. 
 You can count on a creative provider fully aware of your industry. 


The Creative Power

 To feel the need is a part of the need. 
 A flowing imagination pushes the envelope to the outer limits - while remaining compliant. 
 You get strong and original creative assets. 


The Overall Support

 Campaigns aligned with your mission and intrinsically cohesive, is a good thing.
A reactive and devoted creative provider, is even better.

You can count on your creative guardian angel. 
And those 3 pillars end up squared for you.


Your Pharmasaint Differentiation

 Et lux fiat. 
 Love and light to your fellow humans. 
And your commitment shines through your communications. 
Beloved past and present clients.
A few words can go a long way.

Hello Bonjour!
Let's get in touch, dear

Your message was sent to the kingdom of creativity.

pharmasaint, your creative guardian angel
 Preaching the creative Big Bang

Here are the facts.

 years of experience for healthcare industries.

 Senior roles within biggest advertising groups (WPP & Omnicom).
Professional experience in 3 different countries.

Discover a sample of my creative work here
 Industry-related awarded campaigns.
 Jury at eurobest 2018.
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